How to Put a Program Together

K-Wayne Community Radio

“How to Put a MUSIC Program Together”

Here is a “how to” list for you to use to put a music program together for K-Wayne.


1. Pick your genre of music (Each genre has lots of sub-sectors):
Classical          Folk
Country            Rock
Jazz                 World Music

2. Decide if you will play:
* A single artist or group
* An hour of a type of music

3. Draft a playlist of songs. Include the length of each piece.


* Decide what you want to say about each piece (a script) and write it down.
* Read it out loud.
* For variety, it is sometimes good to play two pieces back-to-back. (Not for classical.)
* Your total scripts should be 12 minutes or less; average about 60+ seconds per piece.
* Avoid saying “That was so and so…”
* It’s best to grab interest and say what is coming up (forward-promote) in the program.
* Remember: you and your comments are important, but it’s the music that is central.


* You submit a program idea to K-Wayne.
* Once approved, the cost to record, edit, and upload your program is $150, payable in advance.
* K-Wayne will schedule a studio visit for you.
* You’ll bring your music and your script.
* K-Wayne will take your music and your recorded script and piece it together.
* When the show is produced, it will be uploaded to the K-Wayne website.
* K-Wayne will promote your program on the website and social media.
* Encourage your friends to listen at once your show is available.

Programs will remain online for 4-6 weeks.
K-Wayne will watch for numbers of listeners and comments – good or bad – to determine if the show plays longer.

Good luck! Contact K-Wayne at